Welcome to CFT. We are based in Corio Canavese in the province of Turin and on this website you’ll find a short presentation of our hot steel moulding operations.


What do we specialise in?

CFT undertakes hot steel moulding, upsetting and electrical upsetting; the company has moulding lines enslaved with hydraulic and screw presses. The moulds are manufactured in-house by the company’s mechanical depart.

The company is capable of handling both small and large runs of items created ad hoc for its clients. The team’s extreme flexibility and that of the entire organisation mean that CFT will always maintain the highest quality standards and offers much shorter turnaround times.



CFT sas, Case Benso 14, 10070 Corio Canavese, Torino.
Telefono: 011 92.85.66;   FAX: 011 92.85.66
E-mail: info@cftsas.com